Business Development Services

Although Africa abounds with people of high intellect and is resource rich, we have failed to cater for our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. DSC believes that at the core of this predicament is our inability to critically plan, prioritize and utilize the abundant resources at our disposal.  To help transform lives of rural West Africans, we are supporting rural SMEs to become the engine of growth. 

The business support services on offer include the following:

  • Systematic Product Development to take advantage of local and global markets.
  • Value addition to primary commodities through processing and appropriate
  • Market Development for Small Enterprises to help poor people survive and thrive in local and global Markets. This involves the introduction of appropriately designed market development initiatives to help micro, small and medium enterprises, and small–scale farmers (SEs) to benefit from participation in local and global economies thereby increasing sales, reducing costs and creating employment and income for poor people in Africa.
  • Business Finance Consulting to help businesses obtain the most suitable type of finance. Our links to a variety of funding sources enable us to help SMEs access different types of funds such as leasing, asset based or revolving loans, other type of funding for growth, refinancing or for any other business purposes.
  • Development Management Services to help Ghana and international agencies. Our staff and associates’ extensive experience and expertise is put to work in project, policy or program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. We work with our clients as partners for a better world.
  • Management and Business Consulting to support small businesses in governance, human resource management and knowledge management so that SMEs can remain strong and succeed in good and bad times.
  • Support to strengthen and protect rural farm and food systems against the challenges of climate-change, conflict, and global fragility.
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Acted as a Facilitating Agency (i.e. Implementer) for the livestock component of the IFAD/AfDB Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP)

Focus: Group Dynamics, Small Ruminants & Poultry SMEs.